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" Important " General Board Rules

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9 April 2015
General Board Rules:

There should be a friendly and respectful attitude. Not aggressive, offensive, violence glorifying, radical, racist, discriminatory and otherwise objectionable statements are tolerated. These are neither allowed in user texts, signatures in avatar graphics nor in forums contributions. Before posting posts in which you are looking for something, please always use the search function of the forum before: Many problems and questions were already discussed in the forum and resolved. In many cases, the search function leads to the desired result faster than waiting for a response.

Choose the appropriate and meaningful heading:
Choose a suitable and especially meaningful heading for your thread. In case of headings in the upload area, please use the original release name unchanged! For all other entries, please try to describe in the subject the type of the problem and avoid headings like "Help etc.". I can not find this and that, or how do I now extract the RAR files ??
Such contributions are hardly read, and almost never answered!

Please also do not have double postings:
Duplicate postings are deleted or merged with existing threads. This is especially true for the forums in the Boerse. Posts in the wrong board area are moved, and the user gets a notification for wrong posting. If the wrong posting is repeated, we will block the uploader in question or exclude it completely from the forum.

Do not post full quotes (Full-Quotes)
Quote the part of the contribution that is really important, full citations are not desired. No "thank you" or THX postings If you want to thank for a contribution, use the display button (directly in the spoiler or (top right above the post .)

Mirror requests are "ONLY" allowed only via PN.
It is not permissible to ask for further mirrors in a topic. If a file is only offered (example with Share-Online.biz or Uploaded.net), this should be accepted by everyone. Requests for further mirrors are only allowed by PN to the appropriate uploader.

Questions about the offers not in the offer thread put, that is forbidden:
This area is exclusively for offers and "MIRRORS". Questions about key generators, serial numbers, file errors, unpacking problems, etc., only in the intended area "Support" write!

Deleting the forum posting:
A deletion of the posting is only carried out if the following situation occurs. A member has violated the rules. Or a member with his contribution violates applicable law.

Deletion of Accounts:
The deletion of an account is not to be carried out by the user itself! Inquiries are to be made in the forum.

Lock Members:
Members from the forum may be temporarily suspended if you violate the rules despite repeated warnings. If a member has been blocked, the following rules apply: Members who cause trouble and / or provoke are blocked! Locked users are no longer allowed to log on to a new Account!

Title of a topic:
An indication of the hoster used is not included in the topic title (example: (SO / FF) Newly created topics that violate this rule are not corrected but deleted without demand.

Content of posts, signatures and profile Messages:
Sharehitz.net reserves the right to delete, move or revise any content that does not comply with the rules at any time. This can be done without prior knowledge of the author. The user is solely responsible for the content produced by him (texts, pictures or other publications) and also confirms that he does not publish copyright-protected works and texts here in the forum.

Nick - Username:
Nicknames should be thought through and can not be changed after registration. When choosing a nickname, the following must be observed: Nicknames that violate these rules are changed or deleted. Subsequent modification is not possible. Example: Asshole1 or Motherfucker44, those nicks are immediately deleted! Deleted all offensive nicknames Domain names or Internet addresses which do not use nicknames that could lead to confusion with another member of the forum!

Private Messages (PN) Conversation:
The Private Messages "Conversation" function is available to any member of the forum. These are intended to exchange non-public messages. Abuse of this feature will result in the immediate exclusion and blocking of the user. An exception to the rules is the passing of the PN to a moderator or an administrator of the forum to point to a rule offense of the private messages. It is to make PNs (private messages) accessible to third parties, even PNs or extracts thereof in forums to posts , Or PNs as an advertising medium to spread spam in the forum!

In Topics / Contributions the following is forbidden:
Direct advertising for other Warez sites or blogs.
An exception to this rule is the Talk / Advertising area
Referrer links to other websites, Usenet, Torrent and P2P links are not allowed. Offers must be own uploads to OCH`s.
Premium-Only links in the offers are prohibited.
Offers should be available at any time from a Freeuser download bar. It is not permitted to offer "Premium" links of the various hosters.
Extremely left / right contributions or topic exceptions only in documentation.
Childpornography is absolutely not tolerated, contributions of this kind are immediately removed.
Unnecessary contributions throughout the forum. Spam and fun is generally only allowed in the intended area.
No Requests on Mirrors / Other Hosters - "except in the board forum search"
No artificial inflating of archives!
RAR archives must have a minimum size of 100MB. Afterwards drafplittet.

The copyright of a contribution remains with the respective authors of a posting. By posting a contribution, the author transfers the non-revocable right of use to his contribution to the forum. The right of use of the postings is retained even after the deletion or withdrawal of a member of the forum. Postings from administrators / super-moderators as well as from moderators go into the forum property and can be used arbitrarily. This is especially true after the departure of an admins / super-moderator or a moderator. It is not permitted to post texts from other websites, which exceed the character of a quotation.

The instructions of the Admin and the moderators must always be followed. Decisions of the crew / individual team members are not debatable. Every moderator has the right to remove or remove topics and contributions that are unlawful, which do not fit the topic or disrupt the board climate. The moderators can be reached by private message (PN)!

Further Rules:
In the individual areas further rules are pinned. These are to be followed.
The following imagehosters are recommended for the upload of the graphics in the board!
ShapeLoft.com, imagehack.us, imglol.de, imgur.com

Notes on liability and data protection:
The contributions made by our users may contain links to external providers. However, these links are not directly accessible and there is an express indication that the administrators of the website "Sharehitz.net" have no influence on these external contents. Please contact the provider of the external content to remove the linked external content. Your data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be made available to third parties. We do not send newsletters or other advertisements.

IP addresses are not saved or passed on to third parties, and are not visible in the forum!
Sharehitz 20.October.2015
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