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" Important " Rules Games Boerse

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9 April 2015

Rules from Games Boerse

Here are the rules for the games exchange.
All rules from the
Hier, Anmelden oder Registrieren um Links und Spoiler-Inhalte zu sehen!

The games exchange has the following structure: :
Identical releases must be in the same offering thread.
It is essential to use the search function before creating an offer.
A contribution may only be created when the upload is complete.
Placeholders or contributions without a download are prohibited, they will be deleted.
Only one post per uploader may be made in an offer thread.
Multiple and duplicate mails will be deleted without asking.
A password for unpacking "(if assigned)" the offer must be accessible to every user at all times.
Link and password allocation exclusively via PN (private message) are prohibited.
Discussions and ratings do not belong on the offer thread.
These must be written in the associated thread "Support".
In the case of a scene release, the thread title must consist exclusively of the original, unchanged release name, with "spaces" being placed before and after the hyphen in front of the group name.

Wrong is: The.Travels.of.Marco.Polo.MULTi2-PROPHET
Correct is: The Travels of Marco Polo MULTi2-PROPHET

his information belongs in every offer:
Mandatory information:
  • Format:
  • Genre:
  • Language:
  • File type:
  • Hoster:
  • Size: in MB oder GB
  • Password: if necessary
Minimum cover size and online display of the offer:
  • A cover in the offer is mandatory:
  • These should have a minimum size of 300px / 350px
  • Posting mini or oversized giant covers is prohibited here,
  • Users who do not adhere to this rule will be warned by the mods.
  • or, if necessary, completely excluded from the system.
  • For all graphics included in the posts, please select an image host that also supports the https: // (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol.
  • From 01/01/2021 onwards, all new posts that still contain graphics in the unsecured http: // format will be deleted!
  • When posting additional links, be sure to note:
  • Referrer links to other websites, Usenet, torrent and P2P links are not permitted. Offers must be their own uploads on
  • OCH's.
  • An "online" display of the offers should be visible to every user.
  • Please always set the entire content of the post "centered" in the offer threads. Use the BBcode (CENTER) for this
  • Here's an example:

The following LinkCrypter is prohibited here:
  • linkcrypt.ws
We recommend the following LinkCrypters:
  • Crypt.to
  • Filecrypt.cc
  • ncrypt.in
  • It is strongly recommended to include an online advertisement in the offer.
  • The display of whether an offer is still online can be implemented using various file crypters. Example: "
    Hier, Anmelden oder Registrieren um Links und Spoiler-Inhalte zu sehen!
    " If this ad is available, it makes the mod's work a lot easier, and every user can immediately see whether the offer is still available for download.
  • However, this rule is not mandatory. Offers that do not have the links displayed online are also accepted.
  • Direct links "without a crypter" that lead directly to a host such as "Share-Online" or "Uploaded" are allowed. Nevertheless, we recommend encrypting the links using a file crypter.
We recommend the following FileHosters:
  • Uploaded.net
  • Cloudlocker.biz
  • FileFactory.com
  • Turbobit.net
  • Rapidgator.net
  • DDL.to
  • Zippyshare.com
  • The user can determine the selection of the crypto himself, except "linkcrypt.ws" This service is not supported here and is absolutely forbidden. Users who continue to encrypt their links via linkcrypt.ws will be warned and the offers will be deleted immediately!
  • Please always remember that an ONLINE DISPLAY makes it much easier for all mods and users to search the system for the right offers.
  • Download links should preferably be posted in the BBCODE "Spoiler", but they are not required.
  • "Posting the download links in the BBCODE "[code" etc. is not allowed.
  • Posts in which the BBCODE "[code" is used in the download links will be deleted immediately!
It is also absolutely forbidden:
  • The artificial inflation of archives!
  • Offers and archives that contain advertising or other garbage data,
  • which do not belong to the topic of the offer will be removed without asking.
  • RAR archives must have a minimum size of 100MB,
  • and may only be split from this size.
No other changes such as Stars, special characters, letters etc. can be made. Points that do not belong to the title of the release but are used as placeholders must be replaced by spaces
The official release name, associated NFO (spoiled), correct cover and information regarding the hoster selection must be given in the post.
It is also mandatory to specify the size of the download. In order to make the offer more attractive, it is desirable to include a table of contents and a sample.
Search topics may only be pushed every 24 hours by the same user with a new post.
Use the BBCODE SPOILER for very long descriptions or track lists.
Consequences for rule violations are punished in the forum with the specified sanctions and warnings.
Even if many uploaders post via "IntelligeN2009", it is important to check the receipt of private messages every 2 days.
Users who repeatedly fail to adhere to the forum rules will be permanently banned (account blocked).

Sharehitz 20.Oktober 2015
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