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9. April 2015
Rules Videoboerse
Here are the rules for the video exchange..
All rules from the
General board rules
The Videoboerse has the following structure:
  • Movie SD: for movies, such as Rips (BluRay, DVD, R5, TV, x264), & Screener DivX / XviD format.
  • English Movies SD: for movies like Rips (BluRay, DVD, R5, TV, x264) & Screener DivX / XviD format and English only
  • Movie HD 3D/4K: for all movies which are available in 3D or High Definition (720p / 1080p).
  • MovieDVD: for all movies, in the format DVD5, DVD9 and HD2DVD
  • Series: for all series available in SD format (XviD / DivX / MPEG / AVI X264)
  • Series HD: for all series which are available in the HD (720p / 1080p) format
  • Tutorials: Video2Brain - Tutorials of different software etc.
  • Support: Comments and Reviews for the tracks in the category Movies
  • Search: Search requests for certain films belong here.
Before making an offer, use the search function.
Wildcards or contributions without download are prohibited, these will be deleted.
Only one contribution per uploader can be created in one offer thread.
Multiple and duplicate posts are deleted without request.
Linking and password assignment exclusively by PN (private message) are prohibited.
Discussions and evaluations are not included in the offer.
These must be written in the corresponding thread "Support".
In a Scenerelease the Threadtitel has exclusively from the original,
unaltered Releasenamen to exist before and after the hyphen before the
Group name "spaces".

Wrong is: 1Seventh.Son.2014.German.TS.LD.XviD-FiSTER
Correct is: Seventh Son 2014 German TS LD XviD - FiSTER

This information is part of every offer:

Required Fields:
  • Format:
  • Genre
  • Subtitle:
  • Language:
  • Audiostream:
  • Videocodec:
  • Videostream:
  • Hoster:
  • Size: in MB oder GB
  • Password: if necessary
Thread Starter:
  • Absolutely use prefixes in the offers, deals without prefixes of the threadstarter are deleted!
  • Minimum cover size and online display of the offer:
  • A cover on the offer is compulsory:
  • These should have a minimum size of 300px / 350px
  • Mini or oversized giant cover to post is forbidden here,
  • Users who do not adhere to this rule are warned by the mods.
  • or possibly also completely excluded from the system.
  • Please note the following for the posting of further links:
  • Referrer links to other websites, Usenet, Torrent and P2P links are not allowed. Offers must be own uploads to OCH`s.
  • An "online" display of the offers should be visible for each user.
Here's an example:

The following LinkCrypter is forbidden here:
We recommend the following LinkCrypter:
  • It is strongly recommended to include an online advertisement in the offer.
  • The display whether an offer is still online, can be implemented via various FileCrypter. Example: "" If this ad exists, the work of the mods makes it much easier, and each user can immediately see if the offer is still available for download. But this rule is not a duty. Offers that do not have an online display of links are also accepted.
  • Direct links "without Crypter" direct to a hoster such as "Share-Online" or "Uploaded" are allowed. Nevertheless, we recommend encrypting the links via a FileCrypter.
We recommend the following FileHoster:
The following FileHoster is forbidden with us!
  • The selection of the crypt can be determined by the user, except "" This service is not supported here, and is absolutely forbidden. Users who continue to encrypt their links via will be warned and the offers will be deleted immediately!
  • Please always remember, the one ONLINE DISPLAY for all mods and user the search in the system for the appropriate offers immensely facilitated.
  • Download links are preferably in the BBCODE "Spoiler" to post, but is not a duty..
  • "Downloading links in the BBCODE "[code" etc. is not allowed"
  • Posts in which the BBCODE "code" is used in the download links are immediately deleted!
Absolutely forbidden is also:
  • The artificial inflating of archives!
  • Offers and archives in which advertising or other data waste is contained,
  • which are not part of the offer, are removed without demand.
  • RAR archives must have a minimum size of 100MB,
  • and may only be split from this size.
No other changes, such as. Stars, special characters, letters, etc. Points that do not belong to the title of the release but are a placeholder must be replaced by spaces
In the post are the official release name, associated NFO (spoiled), correct cover and information regarding the hoster selection.
Also the indication of the size of the download is mandatory. In order to make the offer more attractive, the insertion of a content specification and a sample is desirable.
Search topics may only be pushed by the same user with a new post every 24 hours.
For very long descriptions or track lists use the BBCODE SPOILER.
Consequences for rule violations are punished in the forum with the stipulated sanctions, and warnings.
Even if many uploaders post via "IntelligeN2009", it is important every 2 days to control the receipt of private messages.
Users who repeatedly do not follow the forum rules, a permanent ban (blocking the account) is made.

Sharehitz 20.October 2015
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